Learning platform «Бозомузии дастрас» | ООО «Ребус» - От идеи к разработке: экспертное программное обеспечение, веб-разработка и мобильная разработка в Таджикистане
  • Learning platform «Бозомузии дастрас»

  • Learning platform «Бозомузии дастрас»

    About the project

    "Read with Me" project Chemonics. The purpose of creating a digital platform was to automatize the "Read with Me" project, which is aimed at professional development of elementary school teachers. With the support of the international organization Chemonics we have developed a comprehensive digital platform that consists of an administrator web portal, a teacher web interface, a mentor web interface, a teacher application and a mentor application. The web portal and applications enabled the project participant to learn quickly and easily, monitor the project, and track the results of the project participants. The web portal provided the customer with an online portal to track the progress of the training and evaluation of the project and to receive timely reports on teacher testing and mentor observations. After the automatization of this project, the customer receives full reporting on users and project results in Excel format.

    The project realized:

    • User registration and identification
    • Adding modules to the system
    • Adding observation forms
    • Reporting on tests, observations and users
    • Control over users' media files
    • Add additional materials
    • Dynamic admin platform
    • User tracking
    • Receiving test results via SMS
    • Practicing and testing
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