Information system for teachers' professional development | ООО «Ребус» - От идеи к разработке: экспертное программное обеспечение, веб-разработка и мобильная разработка в Таджикистане
  • Online training system for teachers' development

  • Information system for teachers' professional development

    About the project

    The Teachers Professional Development Information System (TIPDIS) is a digital system designed to collect, process, report on the status of professional development, and determine its necessity by the Republican Institute of Professional Development and Professional Retraining of Teachers. The system provides information on in-service teacher training, including training dates, professional development topics, problems and skills that teachers want to master. The amount of teachers' competence is directly collected and analyzed based on the results of lesson observations, questionnaires and self-assessment tools, as well as other aspects.

    The system consists of the following users:

    1. System Administrator;
    2. User School Director;
    3. User Teacher — web version and mobile application;
    4. User Mentor — web version and mobile application;

    The system has automated:

    • Home page — statistics of data on the whole system;
    • Catalog — database of all schools of the republic;
    • Diagnostic test — quiz to determine the level of knowledge;
    • Courses — list of online courses with video content and audio content;
    • Analytics — detailed reports in the form of graphs and dashboards;
    • Reports — reports on various criteria for uploading through the system;
    • Users — list of all registered users;
    • Directories — dynamic adding editing and deleting of directories used in the system;
    • Electronic library — materials for use and useful links to sources;
    • Chat — the ability for teachers to send messages to the mentor and system administrator, both anonymously and non-anonymously;
    • Observation Form — various forms for the mentor to evaluate teachers' lessons;
    • Activity log — logging and displaying of all user actions;
    • Roles and Rights — possibility to create special roles with access rights;
    • Attendance tracking — attendance journal for participants of the training or classes;
    • Tracking reports — detailed download of the tracking report;
    • Tracking statistics — graphical output of data on tracking of attendance;
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