Master-class | ООО «Ребус» - От идеи к разработке: экспертное программное обеспечение, веб-разработка и мобильная разработка в Таджикистане

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26.05.2023- Master class of Marina Poghasyan for heads of departments.

On May 26, 2023 Marina Poghosyan MBA, CMC, PCC ICF - certified coach - visited our company to conduct a group coaching session with the management staff. The topic of the meeting was corporate culture and its impact on achieving the company's goals. During the session the participants shared their experience and observations, and at the end of the session they identified areas in which the management team will improve the company's performance. Rebus' corporate culture includes the company's values, which are the basis for doing business, in this regard, meetings in this format are held with the management team, with employees at all levels of our company and also involve professionals from outside on a regular basis. Rebus is grateful to the EBRD in Tajikistan for its contribution to the development of small business in Tajikistan, including in attracting international professionals such as Marina Pogasyan, who come to our country for trainings and coaching sessions and share their experience and knowledge with us.

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