About us | ООО «Ребус» - От идеи к разработке: экспертное программное обеспечение, веб-разработка и мобильная разработка в Таджикистане

Rebus is an advanced IT company, which is a leader in the IT sphere and has been on the market of Tajikistan for 10 years. Over 10 years of work we have successfully realized more than 150 projects and have more than 100 satisfied customers. Our company develops and provides a wide range of programs, implementing advanced technologies and constantly improving the quality control system of services.
The experience of our company allows us to realize large projects and deliver them on time, both in Tajikistan and abroad, helping businesses to achieve high results through innovation.
We are always open to new orders and cooperation with both government institutions and international organizations.

Our Mission

«We strive to increase efficiency in our clients by being committed to serving them in streamlining and improving their operations for the benefit of society»

Our goal

«To become the market leader in Tajikistan in our segment, as well as to enter the international market, where we will be able to represent Tajikistan with dignity»

Values of our company:

  1. Transparency and honesty
  • We build a transparent business, as we are based on the principle of informational openness towards clients and employees, which we consider our competitive advantage;
  1. Responsibility
  • Each of us is responsible for our words and actions to our colleagues, manuals, partners and clients;
  1. Focus on results
  • We take responsibility for achieving the set goal, initiate necessary actions, set challenging/ambitious tasks, give our own assessment of completed tasks;
  1. Team spirit
  • Individually we are small, but teams can stand next to giants;
  1. Innovation
  • Rebus is the place for the best innovation as we know how to make innovation simple, affordable and of high quality.
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Why Rebus?

Our company was named "Rebus" from the Latin word "rebus" – thing, object, matter. REBUS is a complex riddle, for which our company will certainly take up, provide all kinds of solutions and implement them into reality.

Over 10 years of work, starting from scratch, thanks to hard work and the addition of like-minded people to our team, we have built a modern, dynamically developing company, which we can rightfully be proud of. We believe that by working as a team and focusing on the final result, we can achieve our goals.

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Our address

Tajikistan, Dushanbe, st. Sh. Huseinzoda 18

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